Adaptation of the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) for students aged 12-15 into Greek: Developing an adaptation protocol

script document icon outlines 80Zoe Gavriilidou & Lydia Mitits

Democritus University of Thrace


The purpose of the study was to develop an adaptation protocol for Oxford‟s Strategy Inventory for Language learning (SILL) from English into Greek to be administered to monolingual/multilingual students aged 12-15 in secondary schools in Thrace, Greece. This study focuses on following the appropriate adaptation protocol in order to maximize the questionnaire reliability and validity, both when used with the particular learners and when used to compare scores across cultures and languages. The original scale was translated into Greek, back-translated and reviewed. Cross-cultural adaptation included the experts‟ revision, followed by the instrument administration to 50 participants. Its internal consistency was .91. Test-retest reliability ranged from fair to good for the total scale and its six-subscales.

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