An online tool for tracing electronic dictionary users’ strategies: construction, test specification and content validity

script document icon outlines 80Stavroula Mavrommatidou

Democritus University of Thrace


 In order to be efficient in understanding and producing texts and improving their vocabulary, good dictionary users should have a number of reference skills (Elola, Rodrıguez-Garcıa &Winfrey 2008;Fraser 1999; Author1 2013). Especially digital dictionaries and smart technology require the development of new skills for their successful and efficient use. Since research in skills required for electronic means is very limited, our aim is to create a reliable online tool, the Strategy Inventory for Electronic Dictionary Use (S.I.E.D.U.), for the evaluation of skills users should have for a successful online search. The purpose of this paper is to present the construction steps and characteristics of S.I.E.D.U. and to provide data about the instrument test specification and content validity.

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