Rules and regulations

SynMorPhoSe Lab - Rules and Regulations

The Lab's opening hours are defined and published at the beginning of each semester. During these hours, students may receive consultation, borrow books or use the Lab's computers for their work in linguistics studies. The respective list of books can be found on the Lab's website.

  • The duration of book loans may not exceed three (3) days.
  • Students may not borrow more than three (3) books at a time. In order to be able to borrow new material, students must return any previously borrowed items.
  •  Students must prove their identity by producing their student pass or ID card.
  • The title and the id of each book as well as the name, the phone number, the address, and the student pass ID number are recorded on the respective loan card.
  • Lost or damaged items shall be replaced at the cost of the borrower.
  • Educational and other linguistics software installed on lab computers may be used by the students.
  • Flash drives and other USB storage devices must be scanned for viruses before being connected to lab computers.